We would like to thank all the participants in the Conference. We hope, you have enjoyed your visit to Dallas and that the Conference has given you new ideas and insight into the understanding of the enigmatic disease of tinnitus

photo fourth meeting 2010 s

Photo of the participants in the 4th International TRI Tinnitus Conference

We Must Cure Tinnitus, We Can Cure Tinnitus and We Will Cure Tinnitus

Four years ago, when the TRI was founded, we made a pledge to cure tinnitus. The ultimate goal is to silence the phantom sound, and hereby to improve the quality of life of our patients. That pledge still stands: we must cure tinnitus. The question is: can we?

About a month ago more than 250 researchers and clinicians gathered at the 4th TRI Meeting “Frontiers in Tinnitus Research” in Dallas. All participants witnessed an athmosphere of enthusiasm and confidence. There is no doubt anymore that tinnitus is a solvable problem. And if we can cure tinnitus, the next question is when will tinnitus be cured? In spite of the fact that there is still no therapeutic breakthrough in sight, there are converging findings from neuroimaging and animal research identifying the neuronal correlates of tinnitus Novel neuroscientific tools will permit to understand the pathophysiology better, and a better understanding will lead to better treatment approaches.

There are indeed promising results from new pharmacological trials and there are huge advances in clinical trial methodology. Moreover, specific auditory stimulation protocols show very encouraging results. In addition, different neurostimulation techniques are now available, either alone or in combination with other treatment approaches and cognitive behavioural techniques have been refined.

We should remember that reaching this goal as soon as possible requires the joined effort of explorative and verifying science. Great steps have to be taken, followed by strict verification of whether these steps are worthwhile of further more detailed research. And this is exactly what the TRI stands for. Think big, explore, but verify.

We have to acknowledge that we might still be at the very beginning of a bright tomorrow for tinnitus. By setting us in motion we made an important discovery: a cure for tinnitus is a realistic goal, which can be reached in the near future. The TRI meeting will have achieved its goal, if all the new ideas which popped up during presentations, talks, discussions and coffee breaks result in new research projects and new and better treatments for our tinnitus patients. The Dallas meeting will leave an imprint through our concerted effort to make the future come true.

Berthold Langguth    Ana Belén Elgoyhen    Dirk de Ridder


Announcement of the 4th International TRI Tinnitus Conference, June 8-11, 2010, Dallas, Tx (PDF-File)

Scientific Program and Abstract Book (PDF File)

Voice Recordings and Presentations of the 4th International TRI Tinnitus Conference (you will need a password to access the file)
Those who were prevented from attending the meeting may request the password at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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