Tinnitus Research Initiative is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the development of effective treatments for all types of tinnitus so that relief can be obtained by everyone who suffers from it.

The Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) is a project dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients who suffer from tinnitus and tinnitus-related disorders. Central to the mission of TRI is facilitating and supporting biomedical research which will lead to novel, effective therapies for the treatment of tinnitus (statutes of the Tinnitus Research Initiative Foundation).

Historically tinnitus research has been undertaken by individuals or small groups from a wide range of different disciplines and mostly working independently of each other. The activities of TRI are based on the belief that collaboration across disciplines is essential for better understanding of tinnitus and for the development of effective treatments.

About Tinnitus

Tinnitus - commonly experienced as ringing in the ears or head - is the perception of sound in the absence of an environmental acoustic stimulus. In the past much attention has been focussed on changes in the inner ears & hearing. Recent advances in neuroscientific research contribute to a clearer understanding of tinnitus by demonstrating critical involvement of distinct brain structures. This in turn prompts the development of new therapeutic approaches.

Tinnitus affects millions

10% of the adult population experience some degree of tinnitus. Even though no external sound is present, they hear ringing, roaring, clicking, hissing or buzzing noises. Many learn to ignore the sounds and experience no major effects. But for about 1 in 100 adults, the noise interferes with daily life. Sometimes it influences sleep, concentration, work and hearing. It is estimated that 13 million people in Western Europe and the USA currently seek medical advice for their tinnitus.

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28 Jun

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London: 2pm - 6pm; Germany 3pm - 5pm; Cairo 4pm - 8pm; New York 9am - 1 pm; New

15 Sep
7th International Conference on Hyperacusis and Misophonia
2024-09-15 8:30 am - 2024-09-17 4:30 pm

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15 May
TRI2025 - International Tinnitus Conference in Seoul, Korea
2025-05-15 8:00 am - 2025-05-18 5:00 pm

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