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Thanks to all of you for your support of the Tinnitus Research Initiative!

Research always costs money. That's why we need all kinds of support and even small donations. With your help, we can continue our search for a cure for tinnitus.
We also thank all the researchers and tinnitus experts in the world who are not giving up the search for a cure for tinnitus. Although we have not yet achieved a groundbreaking success, we are convinced that we are on the right track. It is often the small but many steps that ultimately lead to the goal.
In this spirit, we wish you all the best for the festive season, a few relaxing holidays and a happy new year!

Research Topic 2018Dr. Agnes Szczepek (DE) and Dr. Paola Perin (IT), both participants in the highly successful COST TINNET-Action (2014-2018), have launched a new Frontiers Research Topic "Neuroimmunology of the Inner Ear".

Frontiers’ Research Topics are peer-reviewed article collections around themes of cutting-edge research. Defined, managed, and led by renowned researchers, they unite the world’s leading experts around the hottest topics in research, stimulating collaboration and accelerating science.

The Research Topic "Neuroimmunology of the Inner Ear" welcomes original research and reviews regarding cellular and molecular mechanisms of interaction between the immune, sensory and nervous systems in the inner ear in health (e.g. characterization of immune barriers or immune cell populations) and in pathological conditions. The aim of this Topic is to present comprehensive information covering clinical and basic research observations on the topic of immunity and inner ear. Clinical as well as ex vivo and in vitro research done with human and animal tissues and cells is welcome.

For more information about this Topic please follow the following link


Prof. Ana Belén Elgoyhen, member of the TRI Executive Committee, was awarded the Scientifc Award 2018 of the Fondation pour l'Audition, France.

The Scientific Prize of the Fondation Pour l'Audition rewards the work of a scientist or doctor who has made a major discovery in the field of audition, whether clinical or fundamental.

This year Professor Ana Belén Elgoyhen is rewarded for discovering mechanisms of natural protection of hearing.

Discover her portrait on youtube

Save the date for our TRI 2020 Conference in Vancouver, Canada. From May 21-23, 2020 the official conference will take place. Further a pre-conference workshop will be offered!

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign is looking for Tinnitus Sufferes in the US in order to look at how patients (in the United States) use the Internet as a resource for self-education and self-management of their tinnitus. The survey study is part of the Capstone research project under the supervision of Dr. Fatima Husain, University of Illinois.

The survey is for individuals that have Tinnitus. It will take approximately 10 minutes to fill out. All responses to the survey are anonymous and no personally-identifying information is collected.

Interested tinnitus patients can take part in the survey at the following link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MH9FM6W

the survey will be open until Novmeber 1st 2018.

Thanks for your help!

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