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Timothy Griffiths, UK

"Dementia as a disorder of the mind's ear"



Will Sedley, UK

"Tinnitus and cognition: friends or foes?"

Jan 18 Martin Meyer, CH "Neurofeedback for tinnitus"  
  Martijn Arns, NL "Clinical use of neurofeedback: a long and winding road..."  


Winny Schlee, DE

"Temporal dynamics of tinnitus - use of apps in the real world"



Dimitris Kikkidis, GR

"Use of Big Data in tinnitus"



Zachary Rosenthal, USA

"Research underlying sound sensitivties"



Hashir Aazh, UK

"How to treat sound sensitivities"




Early Career researchers coffee morning



Laurence McKenna, UK

"On Tinnitus Self-help"



Hazel Goedhart, NL

"Navigating the tinnitus world - from a patient perspective"




Watch the talks of former Episodes on the TRI Academy youtube channel:


Episode #9

Deborah Hall, Malaysia: “Scientifically proven to reduce tinnitus”: Examining the evidence behind the claims

Alain Londero, FR: "Non-Evidence Based Medicine": pseudoscience, quackery, placebo effect and ethics


Episode #8

Sarah Michiels, Belgium: Somatosensory tinnitus: Can you still see the wood for the trees?

Hubert Lim, USA: From Pavlov's dog to paired stimulation plasticity - Opportunities for treating tinnitus with bimodal neuromodulation


Episode #7

Emmanuel Houdart, France: Pulsatile tinnitus: diagnosis and endovascular treatment

Jae-Jin Song, South Korea: Defusing the time bomb in your head: Preoperative evaluations and  surgical treatment of  pulsatile tinnitus


Episode #6

Dirk De Ridder, Belgium/New Zealand: Medication for tinnitus and tinnitus disorder: Sisyphus or Tantalus

Patrick Neff, Switzerland: Sound stimulation and therapies: fighting a phantom sound with real sound


Episode #5

Steven Marcrum, Germany: "Hearing aids for the treatment of chronic tinnitus: Device- and patient-associated determinants of therapeutic success "therapeutic success"

"Shushing the Sizzle: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation in Tinnitus“
Stefan Schoisswohl, Germany: Neurostimulation procedures for the treatment of Tinnitus
Laure Jacquemin, Belgium: tDCS for Tinnitus


Episode #4

Martin Schecklmann, Germany: "How to counsel the tinnitus brain - practical considerations"

Derek Hoare, UK: "CBT - let's change your mind about Tinnitus"


Episode #3

Tobias Kleinjung, Switzerland: "Clinical and technical assessment and diagnosis"

Berthold Langguth, Germany: "Psychiatric comorbidities"


Episode #2

Sven Vanneste, Ireland: "What is buzzing? The systems neuroscience of tinnitus"

Arnaud Noreña, France: "Changes in the spatio-temporal pattern of spontaneous activity in the auditory cortex of guinea pig after noice-induced hearing loss"


Episode #1

Berthold Langguth, Germany: “A brain and pain based tinnitus definition”

Roshni Biswas, USA: "The knowns and unknowns of tinnitus epidemiology"


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